How to Stop Cheque Payment in SBI Online/ Offline Cancel Cheques

How to Stop Cheque Payment in SBI 

How to Stop Cheque Payment in SBI Online Banking: As we know that the State Bank of India is  the largest bank. It is offering different types of services to its customers. In this article  we are going to tell how to stop cheque payment in SBI online banking. With the help of State Bank of India online banking it’s easy to stop cheque payment. Cheque is a financial document that orders the bank to pay the mentioned amount of money to the person who is bearing the check and also bearing the name on it. 

Check is an important document and most of the time the people are going to prefer cheque to pay the money  and keep a record when they need or they are in deficient of cash available. Withdrawal is the subject maximum amount available in the banking account. If the customer has more amount in his account cheque will be issued. As cheque is an important document, at sometime the cheque will be lost or is issued by mistake then they can be stopped by stop payment cheque.

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How to Stop Cheque Payment in SBI Steps:::

In this article we will help our beloves customers on how to stop payment of cheque via SBI online banking. Some steps have been provided below. Please do check them and do follow.

List of steps to stop the cheque payent via state bank of india online banking.

1) Visit the main portal page of the SBI and click on the URL

SBI Online

2) Choose the method of login between LOGIN and LOGIN lite. LOGIN if the customer has good internet connectivity and LOGIN lite if the speed of the internet is low.

SBI Online Logins

3) Now have gist on the precautions steps which have been displayed on the new page with safe and sound. Follow them and click on continue to login button.

SBI Continue Login

4) A new page will be displayed on the screen and enter the Username and password which is for the internet banking. Cross check the details before Clicking on the submit button. Now tap on the submit button

5) Tap on the e-service which it texted on the top row of the page.

E Service Locate

6) After clicking on the E-service button, the customer can find a option which is named as Stop cheque payments. By clicking on this the customer has to enter the details regarding the starting cheque number and end cheque number and click on the stop payments. Cross check the details in the required fields and tap on the submit button.

Stop Cheques

7) As it has been completed the SBI online banking is going to ask to verify the details regarding them and click on the confirm button which is present at the end of the page. By following these steps the customer can stop the payment of cheque by using state bank online banking website. Just a few clicks which are easy atyur finger tips. Happy benefits of the SBI online banking.

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