How To Create SBI Virtual Credit Card / Debit Card Online SBI VCC Card 

How To Create SBI Virtual Credit Card 

How To Create SBI Virtual Credit Card : In this article we going to help the customer on how to create State Bank of India virtual credit card online. Firstly the SBI virtual card is a temporary Credit card number that can be easily created. By using this virtual card the customer can link with Paypal to make online payment for free. This card can be used at E-Commerce, shop online websites which accepts visa cards.  This card will be issued by marking lien on the selected account for the customer and the debit to the account will take place only with the card is used. State bank of India Credit card is also known as e card or electronic card. This is like a imaginative virtual credit card which is created for E-Commerce transactions.  One of the easiest and safest way of trans acting online by not providing card information to the merchant.

Recently the State Bank of India has launched the virtual credit card. This has been booming and gave a great service to it’s customers. This will allow the customer to create a debit card or a virtual credit. I said in the above sentences this virtual card or debit card can be used utility bills or any e-Commerce  platform. As this is not a credit card this can be used by any Indian site that chooses and accepts Visa Card.

Below we have Provided some steps  on how to create State Bank of India virtual card form online.

Salient Features of SBI virtual card

1) It reduces the risk of exposing the debit card or credit card limit to the merchant.

2) This card is valid upto 48 hours maximum or till the transaction has been completed.

3) The customers can pay from there internet banking enable account and can also create any amount value of minimum 100 to 50000.

4) There is no extra setup of registration and it can be used at ease. No loss is done as the card is generated by lien and the money will be debited only when the transaction has been finished.

Steps to Create SBI Virtual Credit Card (VCC) ?

1) Applicants who are interested to create SBI virtual credit card have to visit the official portal page or click on the link which is shown below.

Login page

2) Login to online banking account and click on the request tab and choose the tile state back virtual card.

3) Tap on virtual credit card tab.

Click on E- Card at top of menu

4) Now choose the amount or enter it and select on the account that the customer used for debited contributing funds.

5) A 8 digit password will be received on the registered mobile and enter them for validating the account.

Enter the OPT

6) The virtual credit card will be displayed and generated on the screen. The card contains details such as card number, expiry date, CVV, Holders name etc. This card can be used for making online transactions.


For additional details please read the instructions keenly. Never share the virtual card details with anyone. Only single transaction and limited validity card. These virtual credit cards are only accepted in India, Nepal, Bhutan, to make SBI credit card payments in Indian currency.

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