Axis Bank Credit Card Status

Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Online 

Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Online Track Axis Credit Card Status: In our modern world credit cards are playing a major role in our daily life. As a part of digital INDIA established by our former prime minister during the time of demonetisation our banks has been developed in digital banking and made many ways of transaction of money without cash(cashless transaction) like NFC, online transactions, credit cards etc. There are many private bank institutes which offer facilities of credit card to its prime valued customers.

Among many of the leading private banks, AXIS bank offers a categorized typed of credit cards.

Which include::::

  • Premium cards
  • Featured cards 
  • Co-branded cards & etc.. 

These cards are designed to serve regarding the facilities as immediate transaction, online purchasing, travelling. It also offers provisional facilities like cashback scheme,insurance benefit,global emergency assistance and no fee for joining,which all are availed only through axis bank credit cards. Hurry on to get the credit card.It has been made easy to apply via online application. As it takes some time even if you apply online or offline.During this process you can just track your application.Based on application type and applicant type,it takes 10 to 15 days for processing the credit card and you can be updated about the status of the card by the services offered by the bank.

You can check the status of your credit card by the following detailed process. Firstly we proceed with online method as we are preferred to accomplish the work from the place we sit.

Axis Bank Credit Card Status

Checking the status of application online:

Axis bank offers customers ,the details of the credit card and creates a platform to apply credit cards online through a designed portal.

An applicant to track the status of credit card online can proceed with directly or can follow the process.

A fresher to track the status of his credit card must initially have

  • A valid application ID
  • Registered mobile number 

=>​Application ID refers to the unique number given to you by the AXIS bank while applying the credit card.It is delivered to you in the form of SMS sent to your registered mobile number with the bank.

Follow the steps below,if you are with the above things:

  • Visit the mentioned preferential AXIS bank website,
  • Choose track your application from the three options of the menu bar.
  • You will be asked to fill your application ID and mobile number.
  • Fill and click submit to proceed.

And you will be directed to the page showing the status of your AXIS bank credit card,that may be:in-progress,on-hold,approved,dispatched or rejected.

  • In-progress:
  • It is shown when your application is under progress and takes some more time to dispatch your card.
  • Approved:
  • It determines that your application will be dispatched soon as it has been approved.
  • Dispatched:
  •  It kindly brings us that the card has been successfully delivered to the mentioned address.

Kindly every step of the status of the application of AXIS bank credit card is sighted to you through SMS to your registered mobile number with the AXIS bank.

If the SMS is that your card has been dispatched, such that it had been delivered to you(mentioned address).You should make sure that you(applicant) should be at the delivery address at the time of delivery as it is delivered only to the applicant and further details are given.

Track Axis Bank Credit Card Status

If in case of any negative messages such as on-hold, rejected you have to proceed with some prolonged processes.

  • On-hold gives the sense of providing some other proofs for proceeding the application. You may get the call based on submitting another proof.
  • Rejected status directly pokes into the issue that it hadn’t followed the criteria set by the AXIS bank. In such a case you can directly interact with the customer care of AXIS bank about problem for rejecting if it is not mentioned in the SMS received to your registered mobile number.

Checking the status of application form offline:

If you are unable to access through internet or proceed online process you can simply visit the nearest AXIS bank branch to know your credit card application status if you are having the correct application ID.

Also you can make a call to the AXIS bank through the numbers provided below:

  • people living in India can call to 1-860-419-5555,1-860-500-5555
  • people from country other than India can call to +91-22-67987700

Checking the status of application of credit card through EMAIL:

Yet there is an another way to get the status of the credit card. Its by sending an EMAIL to the official Mail ID of the corresponding bank.

You just need to keep your application number handy as they would ask these details.

Send a mail to the bank’s official Mail ID- from your Mail ID asking the quote for knowing the status of  your credit card.You will be getting a reply in 2-3 hours, asking your details like application number.You will then get the status of your credit card as mentioned as accepted, rejected or waiting approval.

The reasons for rejection will also be mentioned so that you can proceed as mentioned above.

If it is accepted then you will be getting the credit card within 7-10 days from accepting the application.

We hope this information helped you in checking the credit card status of AXIS bank online.Stay tuned for further suggestions and more informative articles like the above.

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