4 Methods: How to Check/ Find SBI CIF Number without Passbook

How to Check/ Find SBI CIF Number 

4 Methods: How to Check/ Find SBI CIF Number without Passbook: SBI online is not affiliated with government owned corporation State Bank of India and it is not the official website of State Bank of India. It is developed to assist people and provide guidelines to the users on operating and exploring online banking services. Everyone is strictly ordered not to reveal any of the details such as username, password, social security numbers, bank account numbers or any other personal information.

We are going to discuss about the SBI Account’s CIF number. We will disclose you four methods to find your SBI CIF number.

CIF stands for Customer Information File and this number is very much helpful to track customer account details. All the banking information will be stored in CIF number which banks use for their work. There are many people who do not know about CIF number despite having bank accounts. They will get to know when they have to transfer money to other accounts or start using net banking. So we are going to reveal you 4 methods on how to view your CIF number. If the individual do not have SBI net banking service, then he is advised to register for the service and use it. It makes all the transactions, withdrawal, min statement and many bank related works easy and operate it through phone/ PC sitting at home.

Here are the four methods we wanted to reveal you……

Through Internet Banking

Step 1: If you have SBI net banking facility, then you can view the CIF number online.

Step 2: Login to the portal and click on ‘My Accounts’ tab.

Check sbi Account Cif Number

Step 3: Click ‘View Nomination and PAN details’ in My Accounts.

Step 4: Now you will be able to see account number, CIF number and registered PAN number.

View sbi Account Cif Number

View in E- Statement

Step 1: Login to your net banking portal

Step 2: Login to the portal and click on ‘My Accounts’ tab.Check sbi Account Cif Number

Step 3: Click on ‘Account Statement’ in My Accounts tab visible on the left side.

Step 4: To view Account Statement, select your account number, select the month and select ‘view’ and clock on ‘Go’.

Online SBI CIF Number Checking

In the next screen you will be able to see the CIF number along with address, account number, nominee details and other information.

View on SBI Anywhere app

Step 1: First login to SBI Anywhere application.

sbi Account Cif number

Step 2: Open ‘Services’ after login.

SBI CIF Number Checking tool

Step 3: The, tap on ‘online Nomination

sbi Account cif online

Step 4: In the next slide, select your transaction account in account type and selct your account number.

Then you can witness the CIF number.

View in your passbook

On the first page of your passbook, CIF number is printed along with all the details of your account i.e. Account holder’s name, Account number, CIF number, IFSC code etc.

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